Sunday, March 5, 2016

Album Art Animations

I've been sketching animations in Processing and feel like I'm really hitting my stride. The other morning, in the space of two hours, I saw two lovely album art graphics, and was inspired to animate them.

First: In C by Terry Riley. This animation is only the first step, I plan to add ripples and outliers at some point:

cover art for Terry Riley's In C inc animated gif
Here's the code on github; you'll to run it.

Secondly, this trippy album cover via Ubuweb:

art, via Ubuweb inc animated gif

I think this nested spiral is kind of compelling and worth some more investigations, probably with a less headache-inducing color scheme! The visual throbbing between red and blue is a well-known optical effect due to equiluminant colors. Here's the code on github; as above, you'll need to run it.



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